Agape Child Development Center offers odd hour care 24-hours of the day, 7 days/ week.  Since 1995, Agape has focused on building a bridge between the community and the childcare industry by constructing solid programs which address the developmental needs of children in their formative years.  

Being the first of its kind in the state of MN, Agape continues to offer enriching programs that model consistency of developmentally appropriate practices for all children.  Agape is committed to the nourishment of children’s self-esteem and provides a rich learning environment where children are encouraged to learn through play and guided exploration of the environment.


Agape Oasis uniquely provides integrated services through five program arms.  These innovative programs support the mission of encouraging families to be their best as well as supporting families transitioning into a better living situation, by improving their education and economic lifestyle:

  1.  Early Childhood Education: NAEYC Accredited Infants, Toddlers, Pre School Zone
  2.  S.A.S. School Age Society: Before & After Care for Ages K- 12 Years Old
  3.  Parents That Soar:  Parent Empowerment & Advocacy
  4.  Community Engagement:  Volunteer & Partnerships
  5.  Workforce Development
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